What Is Atopy?

Atopy – it is not a disease. Atopy means that a person responds positively to skin prick tests to certain substances (such as grass, cat, house dust mite). Ie part of the genetic constitution of man is his propensity to allergic conditions. Be atopic not necessarily mean being allergic. Only those who develop symptoms when exposed to the allergen are allergic. Be atopic means to inherit a tendency to allergies. Genetic studies suggest that the propensity to asthma is inherited separately from the tendency to atopy. However, if you both are present trends, more likely to develop asthma. So often asthma, hay fever, eczema exist simultaneously in one person. Not all have atopic asthma, not all asthmatics are atopic (approximately 75% of asthmatics are still atopic). At atopic positive reaction to skin prick test with allergens. Safer blood test is the RAST. In diagnostics should consider a combination of clinical history (relationship between allergen exposure and the development of allergy symptoms) plus positive skin test.
Emphysema can be either congenital or caused by ambient air pollution. Emphysema walls of the alveoli in the lungs are damaged, broken their elasticity, and therefore become very large light from hyperextension. This leads to the fact that the oxygen and the decomposition products are not available and do not stand out as follows from the bloodstream. As a result, people with emphysema develops lack of oxygen, and they quickly become tired and lethargic. Contact asthma and emphysema is not clear. There is reason to believe that in severe asthma formed scar tissue in the lungs as a result of chronic inflammation of the DP. Scar tissue damages the alveoli and APs. In asthma, it is important to take anti-inflammatory medication that helps to avoid the formation of scar tissue.

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