Three stages of asthma

These are considering the existence of the three main stages of clinical asthma in medicine:
- Asthmatic symptoms;
- An asthmatic attack;
- Status asthmaticus.
Consider the course of these steps in more detail.
Asthmatic syndrome – the most easy flow of the disease. It is most common in chronic asthmatic bronchitis. The patient begins to feel the lack of air (light choking), shortness of breath with a heavy breath. This condition is usually short-lived and is easily stopped by using bronchodilator drugs. There is also a lingering dry cough, possibly with the discharge of a small amount of sputum. Preceded syndrome exacerbation of chronic lung disease.
Asthmatic attack, in contrast to the previous step, is the rapid development and occurs more frequently at night. The patient begins to torment the incessant dry cough, in which he has to take a forced position – sitting or standing, with an emphasis on hands. There is a strong shortness of breath, exhale radically difficult, for two times longer than a breath. In breathing participates additional muscles of the abdomen, neck and shoulder girdle. Dry wheezing heard even at a distance. The attack may last for minutes, hours and even days on end.
Severe stages of asthma is asthma status. The patient developed severe respiratory failure. Reduction in blood oxygen saturation can lead to prolonged fainting. Wheezing heard remotely. The thorax of the patient is inflated, taking the form of drums. Can emphysema. With long-term absence of measures aimed at combating the symptoms, possible onset of coma and even death.

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