Symptoms Of Asthma

The main symptoms of asthma include:

- Cough. When DP irritated and sensitive, it makes you cough. Cough is worse at night.
- Wheezing. When the DP in the lungs tighten, they narrowed. Because it becomes harder to breathe the air and the air is expelled instead. If the air is expelled from the lungs through narrowed DP, it causes wheezing.
- Chest tightness. When DP narrowed, this can produce a feeling that something is squeezing the chest, and you feel discomfort. This feeling can also be very painful, and you might think that you have heart problems, asthma, but does not affect the heart.
- Shortness of breath. When DP squeezed, breathing harder than usual, resulting in a lack of air, especially in the effort.

Asthma gene called Adam 33, was opened recently. But it is too early to talk about the use of this discovery in the treatment of asthma. Hygiene hypothesis.
Children’s immune system tends to allergic response. According to the hygiene hypothesis, if you are prone to infections in early childhood, these infections “switch” direction allergic immune system. In less developed countries less asthma than in the western world, because they lower the level of hygiene and more parasitic infections. In the Western world, on the contrary, we too care about cleanliness, which means that children are less susceptible to microbial attack and their immune system does not have to cope with potential infections. In addition, the West family smaller than in developing countries – less infection transmitted from one child to another.

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