Symptoms Of Asthma

Asthma is a severe chronic respiratory disease, difficult to obtain the body of oxygen. The importance of oxygen to sustain human life is not contested. If we analyze the breach in the body’s intake of three major components such as water, food and oxygen, we can see that the disorder in the consumption of the latter faster than the other leads to death. So it is important to diagnose and begin treatment of the disease. The first signal to the alarm of his health are symptoms of a disease. Let us consider in more detail the main symptoms and signs of asthma.
It is necessary to distinguish between the symptoms of asthma, depending on the stage of the disease.
Thus, at the stage called predastmy for patient characterized various types of rhinitis, dry hacking cough, which lasts a long time and is not amenable to treatment by conventional methods. Often cough appear in the morning or night. Patient’s breathing heavy, but can pass without difficulty.
In the stage of clinical exacerbation of the disease to the above symptoms of an asthma attack is added. Here it should be noted that the cause of the attack vary depending on the nature of the disease (allergic, infectious, etc.). During the attack the patient suddenly feels anxiety, chest tightness, difficulty breathing significantly. Jugular veins swell. Patient breathe easier just sitting or standing, as while the act of breathing connect additional muscle. Dry rales appearing at this moment audible even at a distance. The attack can last from several minutes to several hours.

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