Skin Test At Bronchial Asthma

At suspicion on allergic (atopic) form of bronchial asthma it is important to reveal the allergen which became its cause. The skin tests, at their simplicity giving quite exact results, are widespread.

For carrying out skin tests solutions of probable allergens are used: pollen, herbs, epidermis of animals, poison of insects, components of nutrition, drugs.

There are following types of tests:

- Cutaneous (application) tests. Thus the gauze wad is moistened with solution of allergen and imposed on intact skin areas.

- Scarification tests. At their carrying out on clean skin of forearm drops of allergens are placed through drop with disposable scarifier small scratches are made.

- Prick-tests. On skin of forearm drops through which disposable needles give mild injections (depth makes 1 mm) of allergens solutions are applied.

For one time more than 15 allergy tests are done. The qualified allergist at special treatment room for medical procedures at allergology department has should carry them out.

If the person has an allergy to any substance there is a reddening or swelled in tested area of skin. Depending on allergen type dermal tests are estimated in 20 minutes, 5-6 hours or 1-2 days later. The list with results is issued to the patient. They are estimated on the following scale: positive, light-positive, negative, uncertain.

24 hours before to carrying out skin tests the patient should refuse reception of antihistamine medicines. Before tests the skin is processed with spirituous solution. Skin tests are painless. They won’t be carried out at allergy aggravation, acute infections, treatment by corticosteroids, pregnancies, for patients elder 60 years

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