Reflux-Induced Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial asthma can be combined with a reflux disease. Such kind of asthma is called a reflux – induced. Acidic gastric contents at first gets to esophagus, and then last to lumen of bronchial tree. There is an irritation of esophagus nerve endings and reflex spasm of bronchi at reflux.

Pathological refluxes most often occur at night when in horizontal position of the person gastric contents appear in esophagus and bronchi.

The reflux-induced asthma is shown by an attack, with emergence of dyspnea, wheezes, tussis, feeling of air shortage, breast compression. At first tussis may be absent, but later it nevertheless appears, dry and excruciating at the beginning, then it is followed by expectoration, discharging with great difficulty. Later the sputum fluidizes and the health of the patient improves.

Patients with reflux – induced asthma have such symptoms: heartburn, retrosternal pain, gaseous eructation, heaviness in the top part of stomach, strong salivation in sleeping condition, tussis, and dyspnea. Symptoms arise after the use of the “provocative” products in food.


At treatment of the patients suffering from reflux-induced bronchial asthma inhalation agents, corticosteroids are included into the main therapy. It is important to reduce the damaging action of acidic contents of stomach by the mucosa of esophagus, to prevent its penetration into lumen of bronchi. For fast decrease or elimination of heartburn and pain antacid medicines are used.

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