Professional Asthma

Professional asthma is caused by close contact of the person to substances which are at his work. So, physicians have an allergy to latex gloves, workers of chemical industry to ammonia. Work sensitization with the gluing materials, varnish and shellac, epoxies, plastic, polyurethane foam and rubber, dyes constitute danger (especially in the textile industry), insulating materials, and synthetic detergents. Quite often there is an allergy to platinum, chrome, nickel, welding gases. Allergens are many substances of vegetable and animal parentage – dust of cotton, hemp and flax, wool and a skin of animals.

To learn that the problem is covered in a working situation is possible if asthma symptoms become aggravated in working time, and at home patient feels well irrespective of how long he doesn’t go to work (days off, holiday).

Professional asthma is shown by symptoms of a classical attack, such as tussis, compression in breast, dyspnea and the whistling complicated respiration. Also eyes may water, clogged-up nose and rhinitis disturb.

After carrying out necessary tests, the specialist in treatment of professional asthma prescribes treatment in which drugs are included – bronchodilators, inhalation steroids.

For prevention of attacks of professional asthma it is important to avoid its originators at work. It is necessary to consult to the doctor what precautionary measures to take. In the last resort may be necessary to change a job.

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