Possible Preventive Measures For Asthma

Planning a baby is born in the period between December and February. Breastfeeds does not necessarily prevent the development of allergies.
Why is asthma worse at night? The exact answer to this question is no. When we sleep, our DP more relaxed and slightly sluggish. Hence less air is inhaled and exhaled lungs. Also, at night some hormones “body rhythm” produced less and we operate slower. If your asthma is inadequately controlled, nocturnal symptoms worsen.
Asthma causes a narrowing of the DP in three ways: – mucus (phlegm) in the DP; – Thickening (edema) of the walls DP; – Muscle spasm (tightness) DP walls. This narrowing causes wheezing DP, but if the restriction is minimal, no wheezing. In mild asthma often the main symptoms is a constant dry cough, shortness of breath during exercise.
There are three causes of chest pain in uncontrolled asthma, each caused by tension in the chest: – During an asthma attack the lungs greatly expanded as much air gets into the air trap. Pleura (i.e., the membrane surrounding the lungs), the resulting stretched, which can cause pain.
- The walls of the chest are stretched due to the expansion of the lungs. This causes tension in the rib joints (in places where the ribs join the sternum and on the back, where they are attached to the spine). It may also cause pain.
- The muscles between the ribs are stretched when the lungs expand – this is the third cause of pain. Thus, pain in the chest during asthma is not usually caused by problems with the heart.

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