Prevention Of Asthma

Isolated primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of asthma.
Primary prevention of asthma – is prevention, conducted among those who did not suffer from asthma, but has a genetic or physiological predisposition to the disease. In the first place, it is necessary to eliminate pathogens standard: smoking, dust (pollution), the cold air. It is advisable to be washed regularly in the house, limit indoor permanent stay home furnishings that accumulate dust (carpets, soft toys, cushion and so on. Etc..), At least once a week to carry out a change of bed linen, to avoid detention in apartments pets (cats, dogs), exclude from the allergenic food. For those prone to respiratory diseases it is useful to periodic laboratory tests.
During periods of seasonal asthma exacerbations (ragweed, winter periods) it is necessary to take complex vitamins that support the body’s immunity.
Secondary prevention is carried out for those who already suffer from asthma to avoid the transition to the chronic form of the disease. In addition to measures of primary prevention, secondary to include as vaccination. Also, as part of secondary prevention of asthma patients is recommended at least once a year improvement in special sanatoriums or just enjoying the fresh air. May also be effective and visit salt mines.
Tertiary prevention is the prevention of asthma for all. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, the creation of various social projects, covering the problems with asthma, distribution of promotional material with descriptions of symptoms and possible precautions, installation hit billboards, posters, etc.

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