Pneumothorax At Bronchial Asthma

Pneumothorax is a rupture of lung tissue of at which air gets to a thoracic cavity between pleura leaves. This infrequent but dangerous complication of neglected bronchial asthma when in the patient emphysema (over stretching of alveolus) developed.

The lung is deflated and practically deleted from respiration process. Easy to distinguish pneumothorax: there is an acute pain in a side, dyspnea grows, at fast entering of air shock develops in a pleural cavity of the patient.

The left-side pneumothorax sometimes is taken for a myocardial infarction. Right-hand can imitate perforation of stomach ulcer.  In all cases heart is displaced on the struck side that is well noticeable on the X-ray.

The patient needs to be given the first aid; he is threatened by mortal danger. The patient is put to bed in a semi-sitting position, under a skin Morphine is injected for putting off pain and exaltation, possible tussis. Oxygen is applied; it is best of all through the nasal catheter bridged to a cylinder where rate of current of oxygen is regulated.

At development of an acute cardiovascular failure intravenously 1% solution of Novocain or 2% of Papaverin is injected. At closed pneumothorax when air in a thoracic cavity accumulates and props up surrounding organs, a puncture made between ribs with a thick needle and putting-on a rubber tube one end of which is immersed in water. When bubbles of air stop coming out, the place of a puncture is bandaged. Sometimes the persistent drainage is required.

For the infection prevention high doses of antibiotics are prescribed.

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