How To Choose An Inhaler

The main way drugs administration at bronchial asthma is inhalation. The main advantage of inhalation therapy is in possibility of delivery of medicine directly into respiratory tracts. Fast positive effect and high local concentration of medicine at low concentration in blood is reached. The relation of desired and undesirable effects is very high, use of medicine is safe. But effective delivery of medicine to lungs depends on conditions of formation of an aerosol and inhalation equipment.

Important parameter of inhaler efficiency is the extent of medicine accumulation in respiratory tracts making 4-60% of measured dose in different systems. It depends on a condition of respiratory tracts, properties of medicinal components, sizes of aerosol particles. In lungs particles are deposited best of all with a size less than 5 microns; they are called fine fraction of aerosol.

The ideal inhaler has to be simple and reliable, make necessary concentration of medicine in lungs, be applied at any age.

There are some types of inhalers:

- The dosing aerosol inhalers including facial mask and activated by an inspiration. They first were used in practice and remain the most common. Crushed preparation and freon are contained in them under pressure.

- Powder inhalers (reservoir, capsular, multi dose).

- Nebulizers (including activated by breath). They are used for getting aerosols from solutions of medicinal substances. There are pneumatic nebulizers where the compressed gas is used. Ultrasonic are more effective, with high-frequency oscillations of crystal but they are not suitable for protein preparations and suspensions.

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