Inhalation Tests At Bronchial Asthma

The inhalation test at allergic bronchial asthma is the most exact. At extract inhalation the allergen directly contacts to the tissue of the affected organ. The bronchial provocative test is capable to give a positive result where dermal tests don’t work. It can be applied for hyper sensitivity extent estimation of bronchi and efficiency of treatment.

The inhalation test may cause severe clinical implications of asthma therefore it has to be carried out with discretion. Provocative inhalation tests should be used only if necessary at the non-interaction between data of dermal testing and patient interview.

Via aerosol inhaler the patient is allowed to inhale a control liquid (solution on which allergen extract is prepared) within 3 minutes. 5-10 minutes later the condition of the patient and indicators of external respiration are estimated. If there are no changes in comparison with initial state, researches with allergen is started.

When carrying out trial test of the patient via inhaler inhales within 2-3 minutes the allergen extract in concentration which has shown poorly positive reaction at dermal test. If the patient has tussis, irritation in throat the inhalation should be immediately stopped and first aid given.

The patient is observed within an hour, at absence of changes in his state the next concentration of allergen in larger quantity is tried, up to undiluted extract. At positive test examination is stopped.

The examination procedure takes 5-6 hours and is tiresome for the patient. It is necessary for determination of sensitivity of bronchi to allergen, but for the purpose of diagnostics not always is necessary to carry out the complete test.

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