Four Asthma Severity Degrees

When speaking about the severity of asthma you have in mind primarily bronchial asthma, because it has a long progressive course and is considered by physicians independently as a separate disease, and not as a complication caused by heart disease, allergies, etc. When other forms of asthma, the disease is usually smooth, without increase of negative consequences. For example, in diseases of the heart, – asthma is either there or not. But it does not progress.
Experts identify four levels of asthma according to the severity of its occurrence. So, consider the severity of asthma.
First degree – light cameo. This step in medical terminology is referred to as stage predastmy. Pronounced deployed asthma attacks at this stage of the disease were observed. This covers the severity of patients who develop short-term cough, lung choking no more than once a week, and night attacks – no more than twice a month.
Second degree – light. At this stage of the disease the patient feels asthma attacks more than once a week. Furthermore, the general condition ailing limits its physical activity and normal night’s sleep.
Third degree – moderate severity. Asthmatic attacks occur in the patient daily, frequent nocturnal seizures (more than once a week). Physical activity is limited.
Fourth power – heavy. Asthma is almost constant, with a few interruptions. Night’s sleep is disturbed, physical activity is severely limited.
The third and fourth degree of severity of asthma are dangerous to life and health of the patient.

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