Exercise-Induced Asthma

Exercise-Induced Asthma is a kind of asthma which exacerbates at intense or long exercise stresses. In most of patients with chronic asthma symptoms often worsen during exercises. However, at absence of chronic asthma it happens that symptoms become acute only during stress.

At usual respiration the inhaled air first heats up and moistened in nasal cavity. When the person intensively is doing exercises, he breathes generally through a mouth, inhaling cold dry air. Therefore exercise stresses so strongly influence on asthma intensification.

At exercise-induced asthma muscular cells round bronchi are more sensitive to changes of humidity and temperature, and react to them narrowing of respiratory tracts.

Exercise-induced asthma symptoms are following: tussis, feeling of compression in thorax, goose breathing, pathological inexplicable fatigue at exercise stresses, and dyspnea during sports activities. The first symptoms of exercise-induced asthma usually appear in 5-20 minutes of physical exercises or 5-10 minutes later after short intensive exercise. At similar symptoms it is necessary to inform the doctor about them.

The aerosols and drugs dilating bronchi help to prevent exercise-induced asthma. They should be taken before training. The best medicine is high-speed beta-2 agonist, for example albuterol. Taking it in 15-20 minutes before training prevents narrowing of respiratory tracts, within 4-6 hours allows asthma control.

Beta-2 antagonists of long action provide control for 12 hours. Having taken medicine in the morning it is possible to avoid asthma attack till evening. But it is important to have the inhaler in the pocket in case if asthma symptoms appear.

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