Emergency Care For Asthma

The main objectives of the emergency relief for asthma are asthma attack and remove the patient from an asthmatic condition. Tactics events at this varies depending on the severity of the patient.
The first patient must provide flow of fresh air (open door). Move (output) the patient should not be, because the optimal position in a fit of a sitting position, with a focus on hands. Well, in such cases to put the person’s feet in a basin of warm water very well, that is to make a hot tub. Patient leaning on the chair, bed. Release him from clothes, compressing the chest and interferes with breathing. To slightly reduce shortness of breath, try to massage the patient area of the circle of the wings of the nose – from the top corner to the bottom. Remove all possible allergens that surround the patient. Give patient diphenhydramine or Eufillin doses according to the preparation instruction, and if the absolute assurance of the absence of allergic reactions to the preparation components. Intravenous administration of the drug allow to act faster. However, if health professionals next to no help and tableted medication. If the patient has a medical inhaler, be sure to use it. These medications help relieve the spasm of the lungs and bronchi.
And remember that during asthma exacerbations, as a result of the stress condition of the patient may forget about many of these measures, however, being next to a man during an attack, you yourself must monitor their compliance.

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