Different Types Of Asthma (Triggers)

Cause of asthma:

- allergy;
- Infection;
- Hormonal changes;
- Environmental factors.

Asthma usually begins in childhood (early onset asthma) or may begin in adulthood (late onset asthma). Asthma symptoms may develop for different reasons:
- As a result of physical exertion;
- Only during dusting plants (pollen asthma);
- In connection with the conditions of work (occupational asthma if it starts for the first time at work, and if asthma is aggravated by contact with various substances at work, it’s called an asthma complicated working conditions).

Pollen asthma continues during the period of pollination of plants or “hay fever” (aka hay fever), which runs from February to September and has 3 phases:
- Early or late spring, when pollen trees;
June – July – period dusting of herbs;
- July to September – mold spores.

In asthma DP narrowed, and their shell becomes painful and edematous – this is inflammation. DP become inflamed in response to a stimulus. DP shell becomes edematous, and small glands in this shell secrete large amounts of thick mucus. DP inflammation causes coughing as contraction of the muscles that surround the DP. DP inflamed sometimes called twitchy airways, which means that they are very sensitive and irritated. Inflammation DP size, their diameter is reduced in three ways:
- Muscle contraction or spasm around the DP;
- Swelling of the shell DP;
- Development of a dense mucous that can block the DP.

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