Diagnosis Of Asthma

Diagnosis – the first step to control asthma. First, correct diagnosis depends on the patient. Before the march to the doctor is required to specify the symptoms bothering you. Analyze what could be the cause of the disease. To do this, remember what you ate the day before the attack, with which contact. Perhaps, just before the onset of pain you have experienced a lot of stress, including physical overload. Doctor will also need to point out that you have chronic illness or recent illnesses. Make a note of what time of day and how often you suffer asthma or cough. How long bouts.
After carefully listening to your complaints, the doctor pulmonologist, certainly oblige you to undergo some laboratory procedures. Among them:
- The total blood count (of interest to the physician is the level of hemoglobin in the blood, as well as the number of red blood cells. Based on these data, the doctor can see the big picture of the disease (progressive or not) and to trace the development of respiratory failure);
- The biochemical analysis of blood (in the presence of protein in the blood);
- Immunological study of blood (For example, bronchial asthma in the blood content of immunoglobulin G, and for allergic – immunoglobulin E);
- Sputum (allows to establish the presence of infection in the respiratory tract);
- Spirometry (a test that determines the maximum amount of air entering the lungs during inhalation. Test makes it possible to establish the level of functional disorders of the lungs. Test tested adults and children 5 years of age.)
- Measurement of expiratory flow rate (this procedure can be carried out by your own at home).

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