Death From Asthma

Main cause of death from asthma is that people do not take preventive treatment for the following reasons:
- Forget to take antiasthmatic treatment;
- Don’t realize the seriousness of the attacks;
- Don’t take desired amount of treatment;
- Have other problems in life that are more important than treatment;
- Don’t believe that they have asthma;
- Don’t want to take his medication regularly.

Sometimes people die from chronic persistent asthma, which is very unstable (brittle asthma). In childhood, treatment compliance is also very important because children also die from asthma. Particularly high risk of fatal outcome in an asthma attack, if the child has a serious food allergy (allergic to peanuts).

1 of 20 (5%) ill adult asthma. It can develop at any age and is not necessarily hereditary. Also, asthma may be caused by a viral infection (such as the common cold) in infancy, it may be caused by respiratory infection and later. In asthma later in life may occur due to occupational exposures.
If you had asthma in childhood, it is possible that she returned. Sometimes children are not diagnosed asthma. Symptoms are simply called bronchitis. These respiratory symptoms may improve or retreat in late childhood, but due to some reasons come back later. Between the ages of 40 and 60 years of asthma often begins in women than in men. Develops as a result of episodes of severe bronchitis. Important in time and correctly diagnose asthma.

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