Clues To Diagnosis Of Asthma

When cold long passes, people are coughing, wheezing more than 6 weeks in a row, you should consider the possibility of asthma. Coughing and wheezing, worsening under the influence of laughter, exercise also suggest asthma.

Next diagnostic question is: “Are the symptoms of your cough and wheezing better when you are not at work, on vacation?” (Diagnosis of occupational asthma). There are three ways to confirm the diagnosis of asthma.
- Medical history of the patient (symptoms, when they occur);
- Assign and track antiastmatik, whether improved symptoms (especially in children);

Breath Tests
- Test the peak expiratory flow (PEF) (PEFR)
- Spirometry

The tighter, the DP has, the lower the performance of the respiratory tests. People without asthma performance tests all the time almost identical. In asthmatics, they vary more than 20% (morning-evening). Indicators that a diagnosis of asthma:
- Variability within 20%;
- The growing difference between morning and evening;
- Fall in the early morning performance.

Often determine the factor provoking asthma, may be difficult, especially when you react immediately, but after some time (late reaction), but not immediately. You can also have multiple allergies (and therefore triggers), especially if you are atopic. It may be useful to skin tests. Attacks happen more often in the winter because
- Respiratory infections;
- Cold air as a trigger;
- Maximum number of house dust mite.

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