Classification Of Asthma Types

There are several approaches to the classification of asthma in medicine. Consider with you some of them.Thus, according to the European classification are three main types of asthma. These are:
- Atopic asthma (ie, allergic). This disease occurs when exposed to respiratory allergen (pollen, wool, fungi, and so on. D.). Separate subspecies of allergic asthma is asthma medication;
- Infectious asthma (otherwise, bronchial). The disease is caused by the infection, excessive exercise, cold air, and in response to psycho-emotional stimulus. This type of asthma can be obtained as a result of an occupational injury (for example, asthma is often found among the miners, workers printing companies), or occur only at night, making it difficult to sleep the patient;
- Asthma combined. The causes of this type of disease may serve simultaneously or complementing each other allergens and disturbance in the activity of the respiratory system.
On the basis of a classification used in medicine, asthma is divided into these types:
- Asthma, heart (left ventricle). There is this kind of asthma as a concomitant manifestation of myocardial infarction, Cardiosclerosis, heart defects, arrhythmias, or heart failure. This asthma is caused by stagnation of blood in the pulmonary arteries. Flow of blood into the left ventricle is difficult. Cough in this type of asthma is absent;
- Bronchial asthma. Consequence of chronic inflammation of the respiratory system;
- Asthma diarrhea. Arises as a result of flatulence (increased content of gas in the intestines).

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