Emergency Care For Asthma

The main objectives of the emergency relief for asthma are asthma attack and remove the patient from an asthmatic condition. Tactics events at this varies depending on the severity of the patient. The first patient must provide flow of fresh air (open door). Move (output) the patient should not be, because the optimal [...]

Asthma Treatment

There are years of research have enabled physicians to develop asthma sufficiently effective therapy for this disease. Treatments include reception of drugs and some rehabilitation procedures. Note that the treatment of the disease is directed, primarily, not to combat its symptoms and causes the exclusion of the disease. So, having established the diagnosis [...]

Four Asthma Severity Degrees

When speaking about the severity of asthma you have in mind primarily bronchial asthma, because it has a long progressive course and is considered by physicians independently as a separate disease, and not as a complication caused by heart disease, allergies, etc. When other forms of asthma, the disease is usually smooth, without [...]

Classification Of Asthma Types

There are several approaches to the classification of asthma in medicine. Consider with you some of them.Thus, according to the European classification are three main types of asthma. These are: – Atopic asthma (ie, allergic). This disease occurs when exposed to respiratory allergen (pollen, wool, fungi, and so on. D.). Separate subspecies of [...]

Diagnosis Of Asthma

Diagnosis – the first step to control asthma. First, correct diagnosis depends on the patient. Before the march to the doctor is required to specify the symptoms bothering you. Analyze what could be the cause of the disease. To do this, remember what you ate the day before the attack, with which contact. [...]

What Is Atopy?

Atopy – it is not a disease. Atopy means that a person responds positively to skin prick tests to certain substances (such as grass, cat, house dust mite). Ie part of the genetic constitution of man is his propensity to allergic conditions. Be atopic not necessarily mean being allergic. Only those who develop [...]

Asthma And Other Diseases

Asthma is a reversible disease. For example, athletes with asthma are able to show maximum results when asthma is well controlled. Chronic bronchitis is not reversible. COPD is a group of diseases including emphysema and chronic bronchitis, which is mainly exposed to older people, often those who have smoked for many years. This [...]


Most people have a mild degree of asthma. One of the tests confirm asthma is exercise stress test and after treatment (test for reversibility of symptoms). Asthma is different from the rate at which it develops a condition for triggers that provoke her, to answer to the different treatment. Asthma is different in [...]

Clues To Diagnosis Of Asthma

When cold long passes, people are coughing, wheezing more than 6 weeks in a row, you should consider the possibility of asthma. Coughing and wheezing, worsening under the influence of laughter, exercise also suggest asthma.

Next diagnostic question is: “Are the symptoms of your cough and wheezing better when you are not at [...]

Asthma After 45 Years

Sometimes heavy cold “descends into the chest,” and this may be the initial trigger of asthma is not an allergic reaction, but something that leads to the tendency to cause asthma symptoms cold. This happens as a result of how cells respond to cold DP. Another cause of asthma in later life is [...]