Cardiac Asthma

Cardiac asthma is a critical condition at which unexpectedly dyspnea attacks occur. The reason is an acute insufficiency of left ventricle. It happens at a hypertonia, congenital and acquired heart diseases.

The sudden attack often begins at night, sometimes at an exercise stress, at stressful situation. The person wakes up because of air lack, it is difficult to make an inhalation. Then the dyspnea develops, rate of respiration reaches 40-60 per minute (at norm up to 20). There is a dry cough or a little pink albuminoid sputum exudes. The patient is afraid of death, panics. Pulse is frequent, arterial pressure drops.

The attack of asthma is dangerous because of pulmonary edema can develop. It is possible to determine the beginning of edema by turning blue of patient’s face, a cold clammy sweat on his body, loud wheezes in lungs. Sometimes there are vomiting, cramps up to loss of consciousness.

During the asthmatic attack it is necessary to call the ambulance, and till its arrival apply first aid. In a semi-sitting position provide the patient fresh air access put him near open window, unbutton the collar. Measure pressure if it not lower than 100, give a Tabulettae Nitroglycerini sublingual, it needs to be held in a mouth before full dissolution. It is better to apply Nitroglycerinum containing spray. In 5 minutes drug intake is allowed to be repeated, but not more than for two times. In case of extreme need Nitroglycerinum can be substituted with Validolum.

It is useful to impose venous bandages on extremities. It is possible to use a capron stocking or an elastic bandage.  Portion of blood will stay on in vessels of extremities and heart load will decrease.

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