Begins Of Asthma

There are bronchial hyperreactivity occurs in asthma. For children cause BGR can be a viral infection (common cold) or frequent respiratory infections that make DP irritated. Early contact with the substances to which may be allergic, (PET, high house dust mites) can enable BGR and lead to childhood asthma.
Typically, the tendency to develop asthma is hereditary. This is called a genetic predisposition. Typically, a combination of genetic and environmental factors leads to asthma. There is a growing number of evidence that the environment in which we live plays a major role in the development of allergies. We now know that mothers who smoke during pregnancy give birth to babies who more likely to develop allergic antibodies. Antibodies – substances that are produced by our immune system and are part of our defense mechanisms, but allergic antibodies can be harmful and lead to the emergence of allergies. Is asthma curable?
No, asthma can not be cured, but it can be controlled by effective treatment. Asthma symptoms may disappear as a result of effective treatment can sometimes disappear without treatment. Asthma is therefore called variable condition. But such an asymptomatic condition is likely to be called remission than cure, as asthma can occur again, even after several years.

Asthma varies greatly in severity: in its mild form with infrequent attacks it is considered episodic. In other cases it may be chronic or chronic severe.

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