Asthmatic Status

Asthmatic state, or status, is a syndrome which is characterized by a bad attack of smothering – the extreme level of lack of breath. The status is followed by a painful feeling of air shortness.

The state arises for patients with bronchial asthma and complicates its attack. Against tolerance to standard treatment there are asthma attacks with the increasing frequency and intensity. The mucosa of smallest bronchial tubes membrane is inflamed and edematose, dense sputum accumulates in them. The exhalation is difficult at kept inhalation.  As a result the acute emphysema (swelling) of lungs occurs which may cause at the pick the status a rupture of lungs and air penetration into a pleural cavity.

During the asthmatic status three stages are defined.

First stage

The status of patient is compensated, consciousness is clear. The patient is sitting in defense attitude. His extremities are turned blue the frequency of respiration increases to 40 per minute. There is a troublesome cough without spitting, variety of whistling wheeze in lungs is defined. The blood pressure raises, heart rhythms reduction are defined.

Second stage

Consciousness not always is adequate, there are cerebral affections signs. General status is critical; the slightest load considerably worsens it. The person can’t fall asleep, accept water and food. The skin becomes blue and wet in touch. Breath is shallow; its frequency is more than 40 per minute. Hissing noise in lungs can be heard at distance. Symptoms of dehydration increase.

Third stage

Hypoxemic coma status occurs. Skin and mucosa have a gray shade, skin is covered with sweat. Respiration rate is more than 60 per minute. Pupils are sharply expanded, almost don’t respond to light.

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