Asthma Treatment

There are years of research have enabled physicians to develop asthma sufficiently effective therapy for this disease. Treatments include reception of drugs and some rehabilitation procedures.
Note that the treatment of the disease is directed, primarily, not to combat its symptoms and causes the exclusion of the disease.
So, having established the diagnosis and determine the type of asthma, the doctor prescribes medication. If the disease is severe, short-term priority task of the doctor to remove the risk of developing the disease and the accession of complications. To do this, the doctor prescribers struggling with the symptoms of the disease.
If the patient is allergic form of asthma, he appointed against allergenic drugs. If it is bronchial asthma being prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. In cardiac asthma doctor should take measures to suppress neuroreflex excitation of the respiratory center, reducing the emotional stress of the patient and unloading of the pulmonary circulation. Some medications are not enough, these tasks are achievable only by carrying out certain medical procedures (phlebotomy, tourniquet, inhalation). These measures will reduce the risk that the chronic symptoms and help prevent relapse.
The second stage of the treatment prescribed to patients are drugs that affect the cause of the disease. For example, if the cause of asthma served as an infection – the doctor prescribes anti-infective drugs (eg, steroids). When dyspeptic asthma appointed adsorbents, laxatives, diet selected.
Medications asthmatics are more suitable inhalers. This allows you to quickly and efficiently transfer the drug in the lungs of the patient.

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