Asthma And Other Diseases

Asthma is a reversible disease. For example, athletes with asthma are able to show maximum results when asthma is well controlled. Chronic bronchitis is not reversible. COPD is a group of diseases including emphysema and chronic bronchitis, which is mainly exposed to older people, often those who have smoked for many years. This disease manifests itself constantly, and treatment only reduces symptoms. More severe disease than asthma, and less responsible for antiasthmatic therapy. People with COPD often need oxygen therapy and Pulmonary rehabilitation that includes physical activity, physical therapy and occupational therapy.
Cystic fibrosis – a hereditary disease in which the problem is to develop a body proteins. Respiratory and very sticky mucus clogs the airways. Usually diagnosed shortly after birth, symptoms similar to asthma, the child does not have enough oxygen. One of the tests that determine cystic fibrosis – a “sweat test” that determines the amount of salt in the sweat. In many countries, the screening of newborns for cystic fibrosis availability, special tests are conducted.
Air pollution causes many problems with breathing. Miners and industrial workers who are exposed to smoke, dust, suffer from breathing problems. They develop scar tissue in the lungs and emphysema. Passive smoking also leads to many problems with breathing. Heart disease also causes difficulty breathing. They are due to fluid accumulation in the lungs with heart failure.

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