Aspirin Asthma

Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid is well-known. These tablets can be bought without prescription and people use them often without due indications. Aspirin is quickly soaked up in blood. It is applied as anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing at neuralgia, the myalgia, and arthritis. Also is used for the treatment of rheumatic disease, rheumatoid and other illnesses which are followed by inflammations in muscles, joints and internals, also for temperature drop.

But for some people aspirin is the strongest allergen. At independent treatment it is better to begin with aspirin taking 1/10 of tablets. If in some hours the state does not worsen, the dose can be increased.

About 30% of patients with bronchial asthma have aspirin asthma (more often these are woman). At aspirin asthma the cause of attack is in the perverted reaction of thrombocytes to aspirin. At penetration of aspirin into blood thrombocytes emit the active agents capable to cause pseudo-allergic reactions: tussis, plentiful discharge from nose, dyspnea attack.

Also thrombocytes sometimes react to other anesthetizing medicines. At aspirin intolerance reaction is immediate and comes in 5-10 minutes, rapid and severe.

If the person has taken a dose of aspirin and suffers from dyspnea attack, it is necessary to start actions of first aid:

- To irrigate the stomach. It is necessary to drink liter of warm boiled water and to press with spoon or fingers a tongue root. If together with contents of stomach a tablet came out, treatment is accomplished.

- If Aspirin tablet already passed in intestine, it is necessary to swallow 10 tablets of absorbent carbon and also, to take any antihistamine medicine.

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